About Us

As the premier company for well-site pipe management in the United States, Oilfield Innovators Limited, LLC (OIL) is dedicated to the safe, reliable and efficient handling of tubulars. In short, we specialize in saving time and saving lives.

Our innovative methods move the tubing off of the rack and deliver it to The PAL Unit (Pole-less Adaptable Laydown) trough where it is then cradled to the basket to be latched by the rig elevators – minimizing the risk associated with pipe handling by removing the human element.

On the safety side of things, our process and equipment are designed to ensure that personnel are removed from harms way. Only one OIL employee is required to remotely operate the entire process, reducing exposure to unsafe hoisting conditions while saving costly time.

Today, we operate 58 PAL units and 10 of our new Tubular Delivery Systems, and service Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and the Gulf of Mexico and are available throughout the continental U.S.